A Concrete Fire Table Is a Great Alternative to Traditional Fire Pits

Make a great focal point and heat up your outdoor living room outdoors with rectangular Concrete Fire Table. Made from ultra-light, ultra-reinforced 100% reclaimed resin-finished, the fire tables are constructed from super-resin-free ultra-light raw concrete-topped with natural lava rock and beach stone. They’re designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provide an authentic, natural feel.

concrete fire table

Designed with open, flat-sided fire tables on two sides, the outside is lined with a large, wide, double-sided firewood rack to store your firewood and cookware. In addition to the firewood racks, there are five benches with woven seat coverings that offer a comfortable, cozy place to sit.

The four benches on each side of the table to create a comfortable seating arrangement for guests and family, while providing an attractive, open view of your outdoor patio area. The firewood holder can be removed for cleaning, and there is also an umbrella hole near the center of the deck. All the features of a traditional outdoor fireplace are incorporated into this compact design.

These patio fire tables are available in a variety of finishes to match your outdoor decor. Some of the designs are made from wrought iron, while others are made from cedar wood. There are other materials used, but the most popular and practical option is cedar wood. Because it’s so weather resistant, cedar is an ideal choice to keep your patio furniture indoors or out of the elements year round.

Outdoor living spaces are often overcrowded with equipment and furniture. It’s easy to take for granted the items that make your home a home: the television, the dishwasher, your lawn mower and garden tools. But you may find yourself wishing for an alternative to the bulky, heavy items that clutter up an outdoor living space and make your outdoor living area a little less inviting.

The patio fire tables provide a practical solution to these issues by being both functional and aesthetically appealing. Available in a variety of styles, they create a natural and inviting look that will add style to any outdoor area. The unique design of the patio fire tables provides a unique look that will add value to your home, especially when they increase your home’s value by adding extra square footage to the curb appeal.

Whether you choose the traditional, open design or a more contemporary design with a slatted table, you will enjoy the ease of moving the firewood and storing the tables. Since they’re made from a lightweight, natural raw concrete, these tables can be moved without damaging the grass or ground surrounding them. The durable, open-sided design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Patio furniture is becoming more important to people who want to add curb appeal to their outdoor living areas. If you’re looking to improve the appearance and function of your home, consider one of the unique patio fire tables to provide a unique and practical way to bring the outdoors inside and out.

Whether you choose the open style or a more contemporary design, these portable patio fire tables are a great addition to your home. They’re easily moved from area to area with minimal cleaning or maintenance. The material, which is fireproof, allows you to use the tables outside year round and add more charm to your outdoor living area.

By taking care of the wood, you not only help protect the environment but also add beauty to your outdoor area. The quality of wood used is good and will withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Since the firewood that is burned is from naturally occurring sources, the burning of the firewood is completely clean and safe. This allows for more efficient, cleaner burning of your firewood and better fuel efficiency. It also provides a more even burn.

Firewood tables provide a practical solution to the challenge of decorating your outdoor area and giving your outdoor living space a more attractive look. The unique, open-sided design creates a relaxing atmosphere that will enhance your home’s appeal.